How do high potentials find a job in Germany – 5/5: Why companys should change their way of looking at application documents

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Only when companies look differently at applications they will find good people. I talked with many HR managers and told them the story of Thomas and other people like him. They should change their way of looking at application documents. recruiting How do high potentials find a job in Germany – 5/5: Why companys should change their way of looking at application documents

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rabenaltantje-e1383036325909 Antje RabenaltAntje Rabenalt ist Interim Personalmanagerin.


Why people like Thomas don’t find jobs

In Germany, we talk about talent-shortages at the moment. But people like Thomas don’t find jobs. Berlin currently develops tools like a metajob search engine where all jobs offered in Berlin can be found, jobs in companies and universities.

Also, you will find a lot of useful information about life in Berlin, which schools are there for your children and how the immigration authorities work. This is my job. And now do yours and start with point 1, find out what you really want.

A long way

It took months until Thomas had implemented all the things we had worked on. He had read about a company that dealt with nanosurface changes. This interested him. Then he discovered a job offer on the company’s homepage as an employee for the purchasing department.

They were looking for somebody who could calculate and negotiate. At the same time, this person had to be able to communicate about the materials with the engineers in the research and development department on the one hand and with the production designer on the other.

Think about what you are applying for

They were looking for somebody who understood development and production. They were looking for somebody who knew why high-quality raw materials are necessary to use. This was a combination of all his skills. He wanted this job.

The first application was a rejection. I called the HR manager and asked him for the reasons. And this is my last tip: The private sector is only partly interested in scientific writing and articles. Think carefully about what you are applying for. For a university career, this list must be complete.

Lost in theory?

In the case of Thomas, this caused the fear that he could not work fast enough; the fear he would get lost in theory rather than finding practical solutions quickly. The HR Manager thought that Thomas might consider the technical devices and facilities which the company used too old.

And finally the HR Manager feared that his salary demand would be too high. You can name some of your publications, not all, in the category other professional activities.


You should, if it is required, enter the salary you would like to have in the cover letter with part three, Facts and Figures. Thomas got the job.

Now he is the star of the purchasing department and part of a team. Because he is a generalist and knows a bit of everything the company is dealing with, he can advise his colleagues. He has not become a famous scientist. He is an ordinary typical staff member and as far as I know, he is happy that way.


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