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Roswitha-van-der-MarktRoswitha A. van der Markt ist Unternehmensberaterin & Executive Coach u.a. für HP, Siemens o. SAP. Mehr Lesen

jaegerRoland Jäger, bekannt aus der Sendung Anne Will, ist Unternehmensberater, Bestsellerautor & Coach für Führungskräfte. Mehr Lesen

cornelia-topfDr. Cornelia Topf ist zertifizierter Businesscoach & internationale Managementtrainerin. Mehr Lesen

Jörg Orlowski, SoS-Events: „Seminare mit der renommierten B E R U F E B I L D E R-Akademie“

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„Gemeinsam mit der renommierten B E R U F E B I L D E R . D E -Akademie veranstalten wir praxisnahe Seminare rund um die Themen der modernen Geschäftswelt.“ (Jörg Orlowski, Geschäftsführer SoS-Events) Mehr Lesen

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britta_posnerBritta Posner ist Integraler Business Coach und leitet die Unternehmensberatung The Collaboration Practice. Mehr Lesen

Online-Course of WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management with 10 % discount: Visual Thinking for Business

In today’s business environment, your success depends on being seen, heard and remembered. Integrate visual communication elements, command attention and master complexity in business meetings and presentations. Our readers get 10 % of discount.

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Anselm Grün im Vorwort & Beitrag von Simone Janson: Unser Buch „Executive Health“

Frisch erschienen im renommierten Springer Gabler Verlag ist unser Buch „Executive Health – Gesundheit als Führungsaufgabe“ – mit einem Vorwort von dem bekannten Management-Trainer Pater Anselm-Grün. Mehr Lesen

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How do high potentials find a job in Germany – 4/5: Apply for a job

How to apply for a job? Remember: Your application has just 90 seconds to generate attention. That’s why you prepare for this moment very carefully. curriculum Mehr Lesen

How do high potentials find a job in Germany – 3/5: Searching for a Job is a job itself

Searching for a Job is a job itself. That means you need to research, read, and connect. Take your time and think long term.


Mehr Lesen

How do high potentials find a job in Germany – 2/5: Large vs. small & medium companies

We make a distinction in Germany between large companies and medium and small ones. You should do that as well. Why is this important for you?


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How do high potentials find a job in Germany – 1/5: Find out, what you want

When I first met Thomas four years ago, I met a very clever but desperate young man in his early 30s. Be it mathematics or physics, Thomas seemed to be able to do anything. But he didn’t. Why?


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The Manager of the Future – 7: Summary

The areas described in earlier parts of this series offer a number of ideas that can help create more effective organisations and more efficient staff. leadership01 Mehr Lesen

The Manager of the Future – 6: The role of the Manager

So much has changed over the years with regard to the manager’s role. Partly this is because of the increased complexity of business life, especially for those who work in multinationals and the global environment. But time has also changed the skills that managers need. leadership02 Mehr Lesen

The Manager of the Future – 5: Key Issue Leadership

The survey findings indicate that leadership is rated highly – both with regard to the line manager and top leaders of the organisation. This is clearly good news that would please any organisation. leadership02 Mehr Lesen

The Manager of the Future – 4: Key Issue People

There are a number of positive highlights with regard to people issues in the survey. The majority of managers say that top leaders in their organisation value their contribution. This also is true with regard to their line manager. people Mehr Lesen

The Manager of the Future – 3: Key Issue Change

For many businesses it is the strategy, marketing vision, financial plans, customer alignment and future product development which set the pace and direction for success. However, what our findings illustrate is that other important areas also make a difference. leadership01 Mehr Lesen

The Manager of the Future – 2: 4 key issues from the survey

We believe that the implications of our findings highlight some key topics which are important to all organisations and these are discussed in the rest of this section. Some recommendations are also included. management-future Mehr Lesen