Study Women in Business – Navigating Career Success 1/3: Career Promotion by Organizational Support

Nächster Teil

Much has been written about equal opportunity issues, but little has been published about how organizations might provide more structure and support to ensure women’s progress to the most senior business levels. This book looks at the career experiences of a group of women managers and consider what helps, and what still hinders, their progress.

The importance of mentoring

Line managers, bosses and senior colleagues seem to be the key here. Many women mentioned the support they have had from a boss, (often a man) for giving opportunities, being encouraging, providing challenge and stretch assignments.

They also mentioned being allowed to fail and learn from the mistakes, provided these mistakes are then turned into learning experiences.

Relationship Element support working women

Comments like ‘working with an inspiring boss who gave me early opportunities to try new things out for myself’ were common.

It seems that the relationship element of organizational life far outweighs the provision of formal policies and practices that support working women. There was some mention of supportive organizational cultures where equality was encouraged but it certainly did not seem to feature as a career promoter.


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